Empowering trailing spouses

to navigate global mobility.


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Build an identity that is globally mobile.

Relocation can isolate professional trailing spouses from their network, career and identity.

The Trailing Spouse Co is a supportive environment enabling you to connect, inspire and thrive, whilst navigating global mobility.

The Trailing Spouse Co is your global network ensuring that you hit the ground running with every move.

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About Us.

In 2017, Jo Palmer launched Pointer Remote with a mission to support those geographically isolated from the workforce, by connecting professionals in rural Australia with remote work.

As a trailing spouse in Singapore, Jo met other highly skilled expats facing challenges such as a lack of professional connection, isolation from the workforce and a stagnation in learning. Jo founded The Trailing Spouse Co to ensures trailing spouses globally have access to connection, their minds are stimulated and you are always learning.


The Trailing Spouse Co understands that while your physical location or visa status may restrict your ability to work, it shouldn't mean your career is over.


Being away from family and friends, as well as restrictions in your career can be isolating, but we believe connection plays an enormous role in making the trailing spouse experience a good one.

Capacity Building

The Trailing Spouse Co aims to build your capacity, both professionally and personally. We believe on-going education and learning plays a vital role in life as a trailing spouse.

What's included?

Access to our online network platform.

Access to self-paced training programs.

Access to resources specific for trailing spouses.

Connect with trailing spouses in your location.

Regular virtual 'In Conversation' sessions with speakers.

Online clubs (books/podcasts/articles)

Access to join our member retreats.

Member access to regular in-person events, speakers & workshops (location dependent).

Plus more coming soon.

Connect with us.

Listen to our podcast 'brunch.' on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Or watch on YouTube.

Tell us your trailing spouse story on 'brunch.' Book a time here.

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